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The finishes selector is an interactive system that enables the personalisation of a new home from a variety of specification and finishes options.
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With the finishes selector home buyers can personalise each room with any combination of finishes and fitted options on offer. These combinations are displayed in real time and can be saved, shared and printed as plot specific finishes schedules.
  • Offers a huge choice of options
  • Instant display of combinations
  • High quality material representations
  • Offers upgrade options
  • Reusable across projects
  • Switch furniture on or off
  • Accessible online from anywhere
  • No software to install
  • Easy to use and control
  • Integrate into website or standalone
  • Cross device capability
  • Save selections for each room
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Buyer benefits
Why make choices any other way.
  • Personalise your new home
    Design your home your way all before it's built
  • Involve the family
    Let everybody have their say how the new home will look
  • Be inspired
    With room combination ideas by designers
  • No mess
    All the dusty and disruptive work done before you move in
  • Upgrade your specification
    Choose from a variety of upgrades to make it extra special
Seller benefits
Give your buyers what they want
  • Increase profit per plot
    Offer upgraded options across specifications and finishes
  • Increase sales
    By offering properties that can be personalised
  • Increase footfall
    By offering this personalisation service in sales centers
  • Investor friendly
    Facilitates PRS investors, preparing properties for rental
  • Easy to deploy
    With very little staff training required
A collection of systems designed to delivery relevant and useful information to new home buyers on demand.
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About Us

The pixel sales platform and its component systems have been developed by PIXEL IMAGE Ltd. Pixel have over 20 years’ experience helping more than 2500 property projects to market, across the globe.

The Selector systems have been developed in response to the changing dynamic of the modern home buyer. We believe that buyers want to know more about a property before they connect and make a purchase. The information they seek needs to be accessible whenever and wherever they are.

The selector systems have been designed to deliver property information in a relevant, engaging and intuitive way. Informing buyers and enabling their choices.

Together, Pixel and its property partners, are changing the way property is sold.

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